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Aiding Project Managers to Proactively Build Project Teams that Excel


Experiences with Partnering


“Sharing knowledge through mutual trust and honesty made Partnering the most rewarding experience of my professional career.”

– Contracting Officer, U.S. Army

“Unwarranted conflicts in our business are about to bury us all. Partnering is a concept that helps to focus on what the true outcome of a project should be and how we can get there.”

– Executive Vice President, General Contractor

“Resistance (to Partnering) is based on the attitude ‘I don’t have the time.’ If this is true, you can’t afford not to partner.”

– Manufacturing Manager


“Accomplishment of AMC’s mission depends on our ability to work effectively with our partners in industry. Partnering helps us to do this successfully and deliver the very best products to our ultimate customers – the soldiers.”

– Commanding General, Army Material Command

“Partnering is much more than a buzzword, a philosophy or an attitude. It is a structured management process that is effective on all sizes of construction projects to focus the attention of all parties on problem resolution, without prolonged disputes or litigation.”

–        Vice President, Roadway Contractor

ATI Systems actively supports the design, contracting, project management, and construction communities with our knowledge of partnering. Recent industry association support activities and recognition can be viewed by selecting the buttons below.



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